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       Forestry Research in Uttar Pradesh, started way back in 1918 with the appointment of Mr. E.A. Smithies, of Indian Forest Service as State Silviculturist. Later on, with gradual expansion of the research setup, two more Silviculturists were appointed. The need for intensive research to increase the overall productivity of the forest was realized and as a result State Forest Research Laboratory was established at Kanpur in 1970. Subsequently this laboratory was upgraded into the State Forest research institute, in 1993.


        The research wing of UPFD, including the SFRI, Kanpur has been given the responsibility of undertaking the scientific research, development and application in forestry and allied natural resources, leading to development of appropriate technologies for efficient management and utilization of trees and other forest resources through increased sustainable availability of trees / forest products and their, associated services for all time.

Location :

      SFRI, Kanpur, is located centrally in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is about 90 Kms south of Lucknow. The campus forms the part of famous Allen forest in the northern part of Kanpur city. Kanpur is well connected by Air as well as Rail. The nearest Airport, Amousi (Lucknow) is about 80 Kms. Kanpur Central Railway station is about 8 Kms. from FRI campus.

Organization :

       Forest Research Institute , Uttar Pradesh, is headed by the Chief Conservator of Forests, who is also the Director of the Institute. The Head-Quarter of Silviculturists, Southern Region is also located in the campus. The Institute has two more regional-centers one at CB Ganj, Bareilly, and another at Ram Nagar (Varanasi) head by the State Silviculturist. The state Silviculturist are the senior members of the Indian Forest Service. Each Silviculturist is being assisted by an assistant Silviculturist who is a member of state forest service. Each regional-center of the institute has further centers of specialty for conducting field trials.

       FRI, UP has facilities of conducting Laboratory as well as Field Research relating to various aspects of forestry. The major thrust areas of forestry research are as follows :

1.      Increasing Productivity of the Forests through Tree improvement                                  programmes.

2.      Planting Material Improvement.

3.      Supply of Quality Seeds.

4.      Development of Suitable Planting Techniques for Refractory Areas.

5.      ex-situ as well as in-situ conservation of Medicinal Plants.

6.      Development of suitable Agro-Forestry Models.

7.      Ecology and Pollution related studies.

8.      Standardization of Cultivation Techniques of some important Medicinal Plants.

9.      Evaluation of suitability of various Silvicultural Systems.

10.  Publications of Technical Bulletins as well as Lab. to land leaflets.

Research Team


Sri Umendra Sharma IFS




MSc, AIFC, P.G. Course-Forestry-University of Aberdeen Scotland, U.K.

 Ph:+915122547086 R:+91512 2557884,


State Silviculturists




Sal Region

Sri Kamal Kishore IFS



Southern Region

Sri Prem Kumar PFS



Vindhyan region

Sri Amar Kumar IFS




Assistant  Silviculturists 



Sal Region




Southern Region

Sri Vinod Shanker PFS



Vindhyan region

Sri G.S. Tiwari PFS




Senior Scientists








Forest Influences Officer




Headed by

Research Centers

Mandate of the Center




 1. Silviculturist,



Sal Region, 

1. Bareilly

Eucalyptus Research


2. Palia (Lakhimpur Kheeri)

Poplar Research


3. Mankapur

Shisham Research


4. Anandnagar (Gorakhpur)

Sal and Sagaun, Research


5. Mohand (Saharanpur)

Sal Research




2. Silviculturist,



Southern Region,

1. Kanpur

Germ-Plasm, Shisham Prosopis, and Babool Southern Region


2. Merrut



3. Mathura



4. Kukrail



5. Etawah


3. Silviculturist,



Vindhyan Region,

1. Ramnagar (Varanasi)



2. Kotwa (Mirzapur)



3. Mau



4. Karvi



5. Jhansi

List and rates of collection of quality seeds 


1.      Tree improvement for some important forestry species. ( funded  through  State sector scheme)

2.      Development of disease resistant improved protocol for micropropagation of         Shisham and Rudraksha  (funded by CST UP)

3.      Extension and technology demonstration for  in vitro clonal multiplication of         Bamboo and Shisham   their establishment in UP. ( funded by DST,GOI)

4.      Ex-situ conservation of medicinal plants and establishment of herbal gardens         (funded by NMPBGOI)



Research wing has developed new technologies for clonical multiplications, vermi composition and afforestation of degraded lands in Uttar Pradesh. It has also developed new technologies for pollution abatement through  afforestation.. Some of the significant achievements are listed below:


         1.   Improvement in nursery technology and use of root trainers for producing quality                seedlings an

           Clonal multiplication of tree species like Eucalyptus, Dalbergia sissoo, Bamboo etc.

        2.   Development of new poplar clones and research on suitability of poplar clones                indifferent 

               Agro-Climatic zones.

       3.   Establishment of seed production Area, seedling seed production area, and clonal               seed orchard 

             of Eucalyptus hybrid, Tectona grandis, Bombax ceiba, Dalbergia sissoo, Acacia               nilotica and 

       prosopis  juliflora.

4.   Supply of quality seed to different forest divisions.

5.   Developing technique for Vermicomposting with the help of red-worms.

6.   Suitable models for afforestation of saline-alkali soils (user), ravines & brakish water areas of 

      Utter Pradesh. 

7.   Ecological survey of Dudhava National Park and Bird Sanctuaries of Samaspur and Nawabganj.

8.   Determination of calorific values, wood density and burning properties of 100 tree species. 

9.   Studies of root behavior of different tree species in usar area  

10. Study of D.sissii mortality in estern Utter Predesh

11. Evaluation  of azadirechtin rich neem seed zones available in different ecosystems.

12. Study of fire as a management tool for enchancing the productivity of D. strictus forests of 

      Vindhyan Region.

13. Climatological studies including establishment of metiorological observatories and recording of 

      various metiorologicals parameters.

14. Study on forest hydrology and watershed management including water uptake and biomass 

      production relationship.

15. Studies on screening of suitable tree species for afforestation in areas infested by industrials 

      effluents e.g. tannery, dairy, distillery and refinery.

16. Environmental effects of forests including role of forest trees in mitigating air pollution.

17. Studies of biological method of fly ash stabilization through afforestation on ash dump and yard 

      near thermal power station.

18. Studies on variation in the soft moisture regime under various tree species during stress months.

19. Reclamation and restoration of degraded ecosystems including ravines and dry rainfed areas of 

      Vindhyan Regions through in-situ soil and moisture conservation vegetative technology.

20. Development and standardizatin of germination technique for forest tree seeds viz. Azadirachta, 

      Acacia lebek, Dalbergia sissoo and Prosopis juliflora.

21. Surve and selection of bamboo CPCs from diffirent agro-climatic zones of U. P. for ex-situ 

      conservation and evaluation of genetic resources of bamboo.

22. Setting up of Research cum demonstration of problematic areas.

23. The Institute has been recognized as Research Centre for Ph.D.

24. Preparation of volume and yield table of different timber  species.

25. Establishment of seed production areas of ten important species over an area of 292.41 hects

seedling seed orchards of five important species over an area of 34.2 hects, clonal seed orchards

of eleven important species over an area of 21.99 hects and selection of more than 80,000 candidate

plus trees of 46 important forestry species for supply of quality seed to various forest division

of UP and other users.

26. Publications of research bulletins, leaflets, research papers and lab to land leaflets in Hindi for dissemination of technologies developed

List of Publications

1. "Performance of Acacias in Southern part of Uttar Pradesh Forests"

     (Reprints Van Vigyan Vol. 21, Nos 1 & 2, Jan-June 1993).

2. "Provance Trail of Acacia nilotica"

      (Journal of Tree Science 5(1): 53-56-1986).

3. "Assesment of Hib-Sib progenies of Bombax ceiba in nursery"

      (Reprints Van Vigyan Vol. 25, Nos 3 & 4, 1987, Page 68-70).

4. "Studies of Seed viability and germination percentage of few forest species".

      (74th Indian Science Congress, Banglore, Jan. 1987).

5. "Germination & Nutrient Requirement Studies onm Terminalia arjuna W & A".

      (Proc . Botany Soc. Kanpur (india) 1:27-30, 1988).

6. "Seed Germination Studies in Santalum album".

      (Research bulletin SFRC, Kanpur, Vol. 5, 31-34, 1988).

7. "Status of provenance trials in Uttar Pradesh".

      (Provenence Research at Forest Genetics & Tree Breeding (ICFRE, Coimatore,      18-19, Jan. 1989).

8. "Provenance trials of Acacia nilotica".

      (Paper presented at the National seminar on provenence / species trials in Arid and Semi-arid zones 

       of India, Feb. 25-27, 1991, FRI, Dehradun).

9. "Genetic improvement of Dalbergia sissoo & other Timer species of India".

      (Paper presented at Indo-US workshop cum training on tree Germplasm and species improvement,

       Sardar Drushinagar, Gujrat, April, 15-27, 1991).

10. "Vwegetative propagation of Prosopis Juliflora by stem cuttings for Tree Improvement".

      (Abstract, Regional workshop on vegetative propagation at Tirupati. (a.P.) April, 1981).

11. "Status of forest tree improvement research in Uttar Pradesh".

      (Paper presented at the workshop on tree improvemnt and provenance Research, 20-21, April, Jaipur

       Forest Department).

12. "Genetic improvement of Dalbergia sissoo"

       (Paper presented at the international workshop on Dalbergia species, 31 May-4 June, 1993.

        Hatauda, Nepal(organized by NFTA, Hawai, USA).

13. "Genetic Improvement of Prospis juliflora".

       (Paper presented at the workshop in Potential of prospis spp. for Arid and Semi Arid region of India,

        Nov. 22-23, C.A.Z.R.I., Jodhpur, India).

14 . "Provenance traisl of Acacia nilotica".

         (Paper published in Van Anusandhan, Research bulletin of state Forest Research Laboratory,

          Kanpur, Vol 9-11, 1994, page 26-32).

15. "Provenance variance in Casurina spp. with reference to Germination and Growth".

        (Journal of Tropical forestry, Jabalpur, July-Sept, 1995, Vol 11 (III) ).

16. "Growth performance of Dalbergia latiflora provenances".

        (N.F.T.R.R., Hawai, 1995).

17. "Albino seeding in Bamboo ( Dendrocalamus strictus)".

        (Paper published in "Van Anusandhan", Research journal of FRI, UP, Kanpur. Vol 12, 1995, page


18. "Provenance Studies of Neem (Azadiracta Indica A. Juss) tree Seeding Performance".

        (International Seminar on Neem : A tree for 21st Century, ICPEP, 96, NBRI, Lucknow, Nov 28,


19. "Performance Studies of Azadirachta Indica Provenance at seed seedling stage".

        (IUFRO, Symposium on Innovations. In Forest Tree Seed Science & Nursery Technology, NOV.

         22-25, 1997, at school of Life Science, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, 492010, India".

20. "Status of Prosopis juliflora in UP Forest Department".

        (Paper presented at the International Workshop on "Prospis", state of knowledge held on 8-9 Feb,

         1999, at C.A.Z.R.I., Jodhpur.

21. "Comparative Development of Multiple seedlings in Different seed sources of Azadirachta indica A.


        (Paper published in the Indian Forester, Vol. 127, no 6, June, 2001).

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